Sponsorship Letter Template

Sponsorship Letter Template

July 22, 2011
Joseph Mendoz
Comcast Cable Inc.
1242 National Dr. Sacramento, CA 95834
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Email: kerri_dupray@cable.comcast.com
Surrey Road
California – 436678


California Comcast Cable Inc. is pleased to announce the 35th anniversary Holiday Gala held at the Royal Country Club in Alamo, California, on Tuesday, August 9, 2011.

We are pleased to invite you to be a part of this event as a Sponsor. It will be the matter of immense pleasure if you could join us. Our last year’s event experience was very successful so we are anticipating same success in this year’s Gala as we are inviting top industry professionals from local cable operators, programming networks, and new technology providers.

The black-tie, black and grey color is optional for Gala. It begins at Seven o’clock with cocktails followed by a gastronome sit-down dinner at Eight-thirty. The evening’s program will include jolly music with special presentations of recognizing industry pioneers and leaders who have drastically contributed to the cable and media industry.

We will conclude the evening with the ever popular raffle drawings and give acknowledgement to the Mary Gold Corporation for their continued dedication to the Toys for Tots Holiday Drive. Please bring an unwrapped gift for the Drive.

This year marks 35th anniversary of Comcast Cable Inc. The basic purpose behind this is to acknowledge role of new talent in telecommunications industry. Along with Comcast Cable Inc’s

Chapter President, Beverly William, we are excited to have Steve White, Regional Senior Vice President, Comcast California, present mentorship awards to Hank Fore, Comcast Area Vice President – East Bay Region and to Marty Robinson, Comcast Area Vice President – Sacramento DMA for their dedicated work in mentoring professionals in our industry.

At the 35th Anniversary Holiday Gala we offer a variety of sponsorship packages detailed on the attached folio. We look forward to further exploring how we can help you leverage your sponsorship at this historical event.

Don’t miss out this fabulous opportunity to help and celebrate the holidays with those who have made 2010 such a successful year!


Signature of Authorized Person
2010 CCI Board Members
Holiday Gala Sponsorship Committee