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Sponsorship Letter # 1
Royston David
David Associates
Greenfield Road
Pennsylvania, USA 17601

22nd July, 2011

Janie Jones
Happy Days Association
Unit 4 Greenfield Business Park

Re: Sponsorship Arrangement

Dear Mr. Jones,

We are a local group planning to initiate a new play project for the kids of our local community. The project is called Joy Land Kids Club will be based in the old hall at the back of the Pennsylvania Community Building. Renovation of the hall is already in progress and a team of local parents and volunteers from Expert Engineering have been putting in a lot of hard work in painting and decorating. You may have seen the recent article in the Ruisdael Chronicle.

We hope that this project might be of your interest as an opportunity to promote your products and company through a sponsorship arrangement. We will offer a variety of sponsorship methods to suit your budget, for example:

Play equipment and toys: We are planning to use only Happy Days Association’s Equipment and toys, which you would supply and replace as necessary. We would give prominent publicity to your all products in our promotional material such as brochures, publicity leaflets and advertising.

Brochure advertising: We would reserve a full page advertising space for your products in every event brochure (a minimum of 4 per year) at a cost of £500 per event or £550 to include your flyer inside the brochure.

Your name or logo featured on two display boards in the Hall at a cost of £550 per board. Both boards will be visible to all visitors to the project and other users of the Community Building.

If you have any other idea please discuss with us because flexibility is one of the major advantages of local company. If you want any discussion please inform us prior time so that we can arrange a meeting to talk through some ideas. We would also like to give you a demo of our project in order that you might see for yourself the great steps forward that we have already made.

Yours sincerely

Royston David
David Associates


Sponsorship Letter # 2
Your Name
Name of Your Organization
Address of Your Organization
City, State, Zip Code


Name of Prospective Sponsor
Name of Sponsor Business
Address of Sponsor
City, State, ZIP Code

Dear Prospective Sponsor:

I am writing this letter on the behalf of my club/community to ask about your sponsorship for our new project. We have planned to introduce exciting new children sports program (Mention CLUB NAME). Under this program, children ages 3 to 12 are having a blast with Little Tennis carnival clinics, birthday parties, leagues and Olympic games. Parents of children will act as on-court coaches.

Little Tennis and football is source of continues fun for kids. We are offering different activities to help children to start healthy habits early, develop physical skills and personal confidence, to attract young players and their parents to a lifetime sport they can play together and to keep families active in our club. Little Tennis and football program could also be a valuable business investment for you.

As an honor sponsor of this program, your company can provide “junior racquets, uniform shirts and prizes” for one class or team of 10 children in the 12-week program. Your company’s name and logo patch will be displayed on the uniform shirt of each little player at his weekly clinic or league. Our activities will be advertised with on-court banners and on a certificate prominently placed in our busy pro shop for all our patrons to see. Moreover, you and your company will receive special gratitude at the closing awards ceremony for your Little Tennis class.

(Name of PROSPECTIVE SPONSOR), please consider a gold ($2,000), silver ($1000) or bronze ($800) sponsorship of a Little Tennis class as a great way to help local children get an early start in a lifetime sport and as an effective way to advertise your business to community families.

Thank you very much for considering this opportunity. Please feel free to call me with your queries.


Sports Professional Signature
Sports Professional, USPTA
Director of Sports


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